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    All About Reflection

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Bootsie Relaxing
Observe Life at its Best

​Life, after all
Puts you to the test
What better way to live—
Observe life at its best!

Pet Pamperings
Listen to Life’s Songs

​Melodies all around you
Exclaim where life belongs
Open wide your heart—
Listen to life’s songs!

A Touch of Catnip
Embrace Life’s Bounties

​Life’s small treasures
Lay hidden in the remotest counties
Never let them go unnoticed—
Embrace life’s bounties!

Loving Life
​Breathe the Breath of Life

​Man in his inherent nature
Commands daily strife
Inhale, exhale deeply—
Breathe the breath of life!

A Touch of Catnip

Savor Life to its Fullest

​With heart and soul
Conquer life at its finest
Enjoy the thrill of it all—
Savor life to its fullest!

​ Catnip of Life is...

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