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    All About Nature

Messages in Nature

Step outside and look around
See beyond, absorb the sound
Timeless images ne’er bid adieu
For all have messages meant for you

What do you see? What do you hear?
Visions are present loud and clear
Openness of heart amid wonder
Right before your eyes, over-under

Nature’s messages…
Inspirational. Motivational.
Musical. Often whimsical.

What message does a flower send when found

growing in the crack of a concrete sidewalk? 



The Barren Tree

Barren is the tree, what do I see?

Naked branches standing before me

Rough and slender stretching to the sky

Voiceless, unaware I am nearby


Scrawny little limbs are all that I saw

Mindful thoughts brought moments of awe

Where nakedness I saw, now is its plight

Poised, statuesque both day and night


The barren tree…

It strives. It survives.

It thrives. It beautifies.


                           Are trees of barren branches stripped naked of their worthiness?

Embrace Life's Bounties


To embrace is to hold dear, to hug,

to let it be. Embraceable moments

occur under blue skies, as well as

amid loud thunder and thrashing

rain. With each embrace given, you

receive an embrace. Embracing

Mother Nature’s bountiful gifts is

a way of giving back with gentle grace.

Think of a tree. It can be stout and

strong, tall and thin, scrawny or robust.

Go outside and hug the tree. Grasp

earth’s energy rising from its roots

flowing upward through the trunk and

outward within each branch and leaf.

Offload all your problems, the tree will

absorb your energy with graceful acceptance.


                            At the center of it all, lies the insurmountable beauty of heart!

Power in the Sunrise


It is morning. Just another day.
Or is it? How do I see it?
Rising early, sleeping late?

It’s all in how I begin it

I arise with the sun
Etching depth into the hour
Promising, eventual

Wondrous, splendid power

The sunrise…
It energizes. It synergizes.
It amplifies. It deifies.

                                  Is sunrise inspiration of splendor or the onset of just another day?

Notable Nature

Golden-hued beauty
Magnifies nature’s costume
From the morning sunrise
To the trumpet-like mushroom

Nature's autumn glory
Takes color to the extreme
Thank you Mother Nature
For every breathtaking scene

Nature’s N list…
Naked, Native, Natural, Naughty, Nice, 
Nimble, Nippy, Noble, Nocturnal, Nurturing


                                 When you see a mushroom, what do you do...

                                cut it, stomp it, or appreciate its beauty?








​ Catnip of Life is...

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