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Who we are

. . .dreams enriched by nature, places that heighten awareness, and times thoughtfully remembered

     ~ Dreams filled with inspiration, enchantment, and freedom

     ~ Places offering solitude, comfort, friendship, even laughter

     ~ Times whispering of soulful memories, affirming the spirit

Magnetic moments are right before your eyes, music to your ears. They are within your very grasp under your nose waiting to be discovered. These are the essence of the Catnip of Life.

Dedication: To my readers, words are offered for comfort, relaxation, encouragement, and enlightenment. You are invited to open your heart, mind, and soul to opportunities to remember, discover and reflect.
Butterfly Reflection Upon the Water
Cat on Catnip
​Awareness of the world around you is the soul of inspiration. It’s like catnip: stimulating to the senses or relaxing like a sedative.

Opportunities present themselves daily allowing emotions to escalate or simmer, much like the effects of catnip on the cat!

​Stop! Look around: observe, listen, embrace, breathe and savor the simple things of life. See those that surround you everyday heightening your senses or calming your mood. Seek those that say “We are the little things that make a difference.”
At some point, you witness or experience first-hand events filled with grief and immediate regret. As a result, many of life’s bounties remain unobserved, hidden in the shadows of your mind, unembraced and silent. In other words, “Life is not a bed of roses.” Or IS it?

Roses do have thorns! Bad experiences happen and are like the thorns of the rose — sharp, cutting, aching, while the petals are the good experiences — soft, tender, rewarding. Within this thorny matter exists a power — a power to heal.

​ Catnip of Life is...

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